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Sept 30: Princeton Lakes is hosting a 3 event tournament - contact Dave Island to register.

October 3: National Night Out from 6:30-8:00pm at 624 Calm Water. Kim is in need of a couple of helpers the day/night of this event, so please contact her . Click Here to sign-up for the Chili Cook off. Local officials will be joining us again so don't miss out on this fun (and competitive) neighborhood event!

Oct 10:  POA Annual Meeting

1. Call for nominations begins now.  You can nominate a neighbor, or volunteer yourself.  Just send a short message to the Election Committee Chair at or any other board members to initiate your nomination. 

Those nominated will be encouraged to write a brief description of their qualifications, desire to serve, policy positions, personal info they want to share, etc.  This info will be shared with the POA via email and the PL website.

Nominations will be accepted until COB September 25, 2023. The Election will begin electronically after the 25th. If a nominee is unopposed for a position that nominee will be elected by acclamation.

Results will be announced at the annual meeting in October.

Roles & Responsibilities can be found on the Google Drive. If you need access, you can request it through the contact page on the PL website You are welcome to contact any of the current board or committee members for more info.

Nominations will be accepted for:
Vice President
Lake Ops
Election ballots will be emailed (1 per lot owner) to the current email you receive your POA account balance from the treasurer. If you would like to dedicate a different email, please email the election chair with your email address.

August 14:  HoA Meeting Highights: 

   a. minutes sent out and posted on repository

   b. board elections coming in November - compliance position is open

   c. East Entrance Updates

   d. New forms posted on website


USAWS website is down - check in later for nationals results


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