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Spring is in the air!! Hope everyone is out and skiing, water is a little chilly still.  It's time to get that 1st mowing out of the way, and get things planted  and pruned.

Reminder to vote on the CC&R's - reach out to Mike if you can't find your email. (need 20 still)

March 30: Community Garage Sale

April 2: Chipping day! Put your piles on your curbside!


April 7: There will be a USAWS sanctioned safety clinic at Princeton lakes - Contact Mark Cohen to register. Space is limited and plan on a full day.

June 9: 5th Annual Graduate Boat Parade will be held on Sunday, June 9 at noon followed by a potluck lunch at the Music home, 214 Island Way. I’ve rounded up the three graduates below. Let me know if someone else needs to be on our list of grads to celebrate!

Mackenzie Akkerman - Princeton High School

Stefany Crosby - Bachelors degree - LSU

Tracy Ferguson - Masters degree - LSU-S


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