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Princeton Lakes is a four lake private residential community just outside of Mckinney, Texas. The community revolves around recreational and competitive waterskiing. and was built in 1999.  Lake sizes vary but range between 1900 ft and 2300 ft, each of which have a record capability slalom course and jump course on Lake 1. Lake widths are within the 330 feet and lake depths is in the 6-8 ft range. Shorelines are sloped at a 10:1 ratio to eliminate rollback of boat wakes into the courses, or have been rocked.  The lakes are privately owned and managed by the home owners and are for use only by owners of lake lots and their guests. There are a total of 59 waterfront properties.  Princeton Lakes has many residents / owners who compete at the local, regional and national levels and hosts several 3 event or slalom only AWSA tournaments per year. We always need volunteers so if you can bring a boat, judge, score, drive, come on out!

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